This is something that has been on our mind for quite a while:
could we right down cardistry as we right down music? 

CGN: Cardistry Grid Notation

Would it be possible to take a pen and paper, and literally write down cardistry move? How would that work? And most importantly... what's the point?
In that video, we're going full geek on that subject, finding a lot of answers, considering the implications, and of course... even more unanswered questions!
If you wish to start practicing, reading and writing CGN, we created a full PDF with the latest version of the system for you to learn from. We go into a lot more details than what’s in the presentation video, so buckle up!

After seing that video... Can you guess what this move is?

Cardistry Grid Notation - Grid example
Yup, that’s the Werm! Not that hard right?

We can’t wait to see what YOU’re going to do with this and how this will impact the future of cardistry!